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  Developed on the analysis of the micro-structure of natural leather, Huafon Microfibre is high-class synthetic leather which perfectly replicates the comfortable feeling, breathability and permeability as those of the natural leather and even leads the latter in respects of chemical & abrasion resistance, anti-crease, stability, high yield, etc..

  The main products of Huafon Microfibre include microfibre base, microfibre synthetic leather and microfibre suede. The company has a whole set of production equipment and technology of PU resin for leather, spinning, non-woven fabric, dip-coating,dewelghting,drying,dyeing and finishing. Its products were widely applied in many fields such as functional sports products, leisure life and industrial designs.

Microfibre Base

  Microfibre base is non-woven microfibre fabric which is the key part of PU leather of microfibre, requires the core processing technology of sea-island microfibre which is very similar to the superfine collagen fibre of natural leather.
  With the high-class of equipment,advanced management and strong technical strength in the R&D, we can provide all-round solutions to the production of microfibre base for microfibre leather, microfibre suede and other products based on customer needs.

Microfibre Leather

  Through the technology of dry coating,different patterns and colors of PU layers could be perfectly laminated with different kind of base for various uses.
  Huafon Microfibre leather could be widely applied in various areas by improvement of the base and technology of coating,such as sports shoes, sofas, leisure shoes, cases, bags, protectors and car interior materials

Microfibre Suede

  The colour microfibre suede developed by Huafon Microfibre is made of polyurethane and nylon,it not only replicates the softness and comfortable feeling of natural leather without any smell but has excellent performances on aspects of elasticity、tensile strength, abrasion resistance, color fastness, etc.. It’s absolutely a new breakthrough in the application of microfibre leather and has already got the national patent, being widely applied in many industry areas such as gloves, shoes, cases, bags and gift wrappings.

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