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REGEN Creating material aesthetics in nature


The wave of sustainability is sweeping, and carbon neutrality is gradually becoming a global phenomenon. In the current fashion context, "sustainability" not only promotes the creation of new life, but also signifies a philosophical lifestyle. The REGEN brand was born from a green revolution, with the goal of "carbon neutrality" and the incorporation of nature. The REGEN family was born to lead the low-carbon development, it brings together the sustainable material brands of Huafon Microfiber. These brands thrive to provide low-carbon product solutions for shoe and apparel designs, luggage manufacturing,automotive interiors and other industries.

REGEN以“originates from the artistic concept of "regeneration". It establishes the "waste recycling" concept, reshapes the meaning of the brand, uses recyclable, renewable materials, and bio-based materials as raw sources to reduce the dependence on petroleum-based sources. The concept of regeneration, built into REGEN products, has brought lasting vitality to REGEN.
Low carbon has become a trending lifestyle, and the sustainable design reshapes the fashion benchmark of the material industry. The integration of environmental protection language and the low carbon lifestyle, fully expresses the brand attitude of REGEN.
REGEN not only promotes on sustainability, but also offers creative aesthetic solutions. The variety of different color options can be perfectly integrated with various types of materials. The design team is committed to the diversified development of materials to meet the needs of major brands in multiple application fields and to provide personalized options for designers’ inspiration.

The creation of REGEN has become a game changer in the material and fashion industry. The entire production line of REGEN products adheres to the low-carbon concept, and is committed to promoting the realization of circular economy through the upstream and downstream industrial chains, bringing the concept of sustainable regeneration into product design, and creating infinite possibilities to the material industry.
GRS Product
        Water-based Technology Materials        

Huafon reduces the burden on the environment through independent research and development of polymer recycling systems and the use of water-soluble raw materials. The original all-water-based manufacturing process makes the final product free of harmful substances and organic solvents, thereby minimizing the impact on the environment.
TOCCARE is an excellent representative of Huafon's all-water-based products. In the production process, pure water replaces the traditional solvent, and high-performance water-based PU is used in the impregnation stage. No waste water that is harmful to the environment is produced in the whole process. At the same time, through the recycling and reuse of raw materials, finished products are fully water-based and environmentally friendly.
TOCCARE products are rich in color and have high color fastness. They can be used in footwear, bags and accessories, shoes, bags, interior, automotive and other fields, bringing designers the perfect material solution.
Clean, Energy-Efficient Manufacturing Processes
Clean, low carbon material solutions
Clean - The use of organic solvents and sodium hydroxide will pollute the environment. Huafon’s exclusive process uses pure water to reduce the amount of waste, and does not generate hazardous wastewater to the environment.
Energy saving-the recovery and recycling of the reduction liquid, greatly reduces the use of water, and hence achieving net zero emission, cleanliness, and low energy consumption.
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