Specialty Solutions Antelope®
Antelope® is a high-performance functional material that combines elegance and simplicity.
It’s with extremely superfine microfiber and high grade polymer. The unique character gives the final product soft texture and excellent feel. Pleasing to the eye, soft to the touch and soothing to both body and mind

Antelope® is ideally suited for wide-ranging applications from upholstery, automotive, fashion shoes, apparel, IT accessories and more.
        Residential Upholstery        

Soft touch, luxurious texture, Antelope® is well-received among home designers not only to use for sofa and bed covers, but also in creating cushion, pillow covers and slippers.

        Wall covering        

The elegance and simplicity makes Antelope® stand out among the wall covering materials. It has become a unique material for interior furnishing.


Offering exceptional touch and appearance, Antelope® satisfies design aesthetic and is used for lady and men bags, luggage and more.

        Stylish Shoes        

The natural rock three-dimensional structure gives Antelope® leather-feel touch and luxurious appearance. It’s ideally suited for fashion shoes.


Made of fibers with almost perfectly round cross-section, Antelope® has a smooth surface. Less 2% shrinkage rate and dimensional stability help to keep apparel in good shape after washing.

        Automotive Interior        

The unique looks enhance car beauty. It’s stylish, durable and super comfort. A good choice for automotive interior use.