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Huafon MF
    Founded in 2002,Huafon Microfibre (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of microfiber. Since its establishment, Huafon Microfibre‘s mission has centered on developing, and producing innovative high performance microfiber products for the fields of footwear, upholstery, apparel, automotive and sport gear etc. We contribute to life and living for people around the world through our operations and development on microfiber.
    As society all around the world change dramatically, we’re facing a wide variety of challenges including issues for resources, energy, and environment. Inspired by natural leather, microfiber was successfully developed and is being second to none in terms of inherited structure and performance as natural leather. Microfiber leather helps to protect animals and our environment.
    Based in China, Huafon microfiber has two manufacturing facilities, Shanghai and Qidong, both have been equipped with state of the art technologies that efficiently make use of natural resources and prevent harmful by products from being released into the environment.
    “Better life with better material”. As a leading manufacturer of microfiber in China, we’re committed to developing more functional products using pioneering technology that improves the environment and improve the quality of our life.